UPDATED: Having problems connecting to PSN or validating your account? Now fixed


Yesterday we advised that Sony had acknowledged an issue with new account verification which was leaving many new users unable to verify their accounts and get online. Today Sony have advised that this problem has now been rectified. So if you are one of those people who were experiencing issues over the past couple of days please try to verify your account again today.

If you are still experiencing issues please visit the Change and Reset your PSN Password help page on the PlayStation website.





Barely a year goes by without an issue or two at Christmas when it comes to new console owners getting online. This year new PlayStation owners are having their turn.

The issue for many is not being able to validate their account as emails are either taking too long to arrive or not being sent at all which stops the validation process.

Sony have advised via Twitter that they are “still looking in the issue” however we don’t expect that this problem will take very long to rectify.

Considering that there were threats placed on both Sony and Microsoft servers for the Christmas break and they have not occurred, this problem seems like a happy outcome, well, for all but those who can’t validate their accounts of course.