Short on Oil in Fallout 4?

We’ve talked adhesives in Fallout 4. Indispensable in crafting and elusive in the Wasteland, the ingredient is required for nearly everything. Now we tackle another hard-to-find item: Oil.

Oil is used for many things in Fallout 4. Whether it’s weapon mods, armor mods, or settlement defenses, you need the sticky fossil fuel to make it happen. Unfortunately, oil in the Wasteland is a rare resource. You can find it at obvious locations like Red Rockets and repair shops, but you can also create it. Check out the video below.



If you’re unable to view the video, here are the specifics (you’ll need a Chemistry Station).


x2 Acid (found in products like Abraxo, or in things like bloodbug proboscis and bloatfly glands).

x8 Bone (found in… well, bones – also molerat teeth).

x2 Purified Water (you can boil x3 dirty water to create it, or your settlements also create purified water, with the amount depending on excess water resources).

x3 Steel (a common wasteland ingredient).

Combine the items at the Chemistry Station under the utility tab. These items create Cutting Fluid. Cutting Fluid contains x3 Oil and x1 Steel.

You can also up your oil production by building trading posts in your settlements. Traders will often have key items (and sometimes items containing oil) for cheap.

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