Xbox One receives a new update for the Twitch App

Two new main features are making their way to the Twitch App today on Xbox On: Support for Host Mode and Recent Activity Hubs.

Enjoy Endless Content With Host Mode

You asked for it and we delivered; hosted channels will now appear in your followed directory just like they do on the web version. Now, when your favorite broadcaster hosts another channel, you can easily transition there with a simple button press.

Twitch 2

Optimize Your Twitch Experience In The Recent Activity Hub

Your Xbox One landing page has been upgraded as well. Based on your activity in the Twitch app, you’ll automatically see catered content appearing in the new Recent Activity Hub. This can be recently viewed channels and games, your followed channels and games, as well as recommended VODs based on what you’ve been watching. Our goal is to make sure that you’re always able to access your favorite content at a glance.

Twitch 3