Yes, You Can Farm Loot in Fallout 4

Legendary enemies in Fallout 4 are both a blessing and a curse. They’re tough as nails and can mutate into something even tougher, but they’re also guaranteed to drop (sometimes) awesome loot. We’ve all likely had experiences where our conquered foe yields a unique item that leaves us mumbling “WTF?” (for me, it was the Mutant Slayer’s Walking Cane), and some of us roam the Wasteland looking for legendary foes to defeat for their prized gear.

Unfortunately, these events seem rare and by chance.  As luck would have it, they’re not entirely random: finding legendary enemies in Fallout 4 may be easier than you think. It’s not as simple as the infamous Destiny “Loot Cave,” but still pretty effective. Check out the video below:



If you’re unable to view the video, here are some tips for you.

  • Pay attention to your map. Any location that does not show as [CLEARED] on your Pip-Boy map after you have killed all enemies is fair game. This means enemies will continue to spawn at the location every couple in-game days. To pass the time between spawns, you can always fast-travel to other similar known locations, or work on another quest in the meantime. Our favorite locations so far include: the National Guard Traning Yard, Fallon’s Department Store, the Super Duper Mart, and the Boston Public Library. I prefer the National Guard Training Yard, since it’s just North of one of my many settlements, and turrets on the buildings also respawn, meaning you can grab easy ammo and circuitry. I have also noticed in these locations that lootable items also seem to respawn, meaning you have the ability to collect desk fans, lighters, and duct tape, as well. This makes this farming method productive in more ways than one. (Tip: There’s also a power armor set near the Training Yard – the video has the details).
  • Use Quicksaves. Before you enter the location known to harbor legendary enemies, quicksave in case you don’t get a piece of gear you like. Some people may view this as cheating, so it’s up to you. I don’t use this method, but it is an easy way to keep rolling the dice if you aren’t happy with your Nocturnal Lead Pipe, or Medic’s Fat Man.
  • Sleep or Wait. Sleeping is more preferable, since you’ll get the “Well-Rested” XP boost. You’ll also received an XP boost for a short time if you sleep in a bed with your romantic partner as your companion. Waiting doesn’t do much except pass the time. Either way, since the enemies will respawn after a day or so, just set the timer for the appropriate time in the future.
  • Experiment. Poke around for different locations that work effectively for this method. If you come across any that aren’t listed here, we’d love to hear them in the comments. Also, experiment to see how long it takes enemies to respawn.

If you decide not to farm for legendary enemies, you can also occasionally purchase unique weapons and armor from vendors. Be prepared to spend a pretty-penny, however. They are expensive.

Of course, you could also just wander the Wasteland instead, hoping for that chance encounter with a legendary enemy (unless it’s a Deathclaw).