A small update on the progress of Background Music for the Xbox One & more Back Compat Games

Today via Twitter, Phil Spencer spoke very briefly about the coming feature of Background Music for the Xbox One.

This is a feature that Xbox gamers have been asking for a long time to receive, which consequently has been available to PlayStation 4 gamers for nearly the past year.

While we were hoping this feature would be available within the next one or two updates, it would seem that we are going to have to wait until after the American summer (so several more months).

This isn’t entirely all bad news though, as Mike Ybarra has assured gamers that they want this feature to “really surprise fans”. As we know, Xbox make sure they put a lot into these new features so they are as user friendly and functional as possible, so the wait will undoubtedly be worth it.

Phil Spencer has also commented on the addition of more backwards compatible games to the existing list by saying that they “Have a couple more games doing the final run through on, wanted to wait until we had the full list, not too much longer.”

Just what those games will be is anyone’s guess at this stage, however we are ever hopeful that Call of Duty: Black Ops will be among them as we know it’s coming at some point soon.