Bethesda assures you, details on Fallout 4 mods for consoles will be shared soon

If you are hanging out for console mods to hit Fallout 4 chances are you have spent just as much time, if not more, wondering the wasteland as I have.

Clocking in at around 130 hours so far, I am certainly looking forward to seeing just what Bethesda will allow us to mod in this game.f4

In a response to a Tweet sent to the development team, Bethesda have advised that  “we’ll be sharing more details soon. stay tuned.”

Mods such as craftable ammo, a Deathclaw follower, clean outfits, flags, and quieter generators are among some of the top additions we would like to see added to the game.

What mods are you most looking forward to? What crazy plans do you have for the wasteland?

While we wait for news to land of a release date for this along with the upcoming DLC, spend some time with your family before it’s too late! Once the mods hit and the DLC lands I suspect even those who have rinsed the game will return for more.


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