Finding the Boston Airport Workshop in Fallout 4

There are plenty of settlement locations in Fallout 4. Some – like Sanctuary Hills or Spectacle Island – are great. Others, not so much.

One of the most difficult settlements in Fallout 4 is the Boston Airport. It’s difficult in many ways – including finding the workbench in the first place. Here’s quick look at how to start work on one of the toughest settlements in Fallout 4:



If you’re unable to view the video, here’s what you need to know:

The easiest way to find the workbench is by starting at the East Boston Preparatory School and following the road south. The road leads to the Airport, but to the right of a large bus, there is a part of the damaged terminal visible. In the damaged terminal, there are several benches for pre-war flyers to rest their legs. At the back of the terminal wall, you’ll find the workbench.


The terminal cleared of debris, with the workbench visible in the background.


Although the Boston Airport is initially occupied by The Brotherhood of Steel, you can work on the settlement there with little problem. It is one of the few locations with a flat building surface and minimum obstructions. However, there are major trade-offs with using the Boston Airport as a settlement:

  • You’re supplied with little resources to start with (items that can be scrapped amount to only about 150 of steel and wood each).
  • Water purifiers cannot be built since the settlement radius doesn’t extend to the water, so only pumps can be used to provide a water supply.
  • Crops cannot be planted at all, so food has to be supplied from other settlements via supply lines.
  • No Settlement recruitment beacon can be built, so no settlers will join (you can forcibly send settlers to the Boston Airport, however).
  • No Guard Posts can be built, so the only method of defense is building turrets (missile turrets solve everything).
  • It is not possible to build any stores, salvage stations, or artillery pieces.

So why even bother? The settlement area at Boston Airport is used as part of a couple quests for The Brotherhood of Steel, and well – it’s a challenge!

There’s also the possibility we will see it become more useful in the future with downloadable content. If we see potting plots added to workshop mode (like those used by the robots at Greygarden for vegetables), it would solve the food problem. Bethesda does seem intent on improving the player’s settlement experiences in Fallout 4 with the recent announcement that the next update will change wires so they no longer use copper, so it’s quite possible Boston Airport may yet prove a useful endeavor.