Join The Council Podcast while they discuss all things PlayStation

This week’s episode of The Council Podcast covers everything on Virtual Reality titles to Sega teasing the revival of classic IPs.

What can you expect to hear? Well I’m glad you asked….

  • VR and the high density of titles ready to launch
  • Rumor that the Nintendo NX will work with the PlayStation 4 and Smartphones
  • Sega teasing the revival of classic IPs
  • The possibility of a new Wild arms game
  • The top downloaded games in 2015 for PlayStation
  • Kojima and Sony sharing technology
  • Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- will have its official NA release
  • Escapist WalkingEscapist: Walking Dead, headed to PlayStation 4
  • Street FighterfgdfgStreet Fighter special edition PlayStation 4 faceplates