The advised 3 years of Xbox 360 server support is up this year but that doesn’t mean they are shutting down!

In 2013, when asked about the ongoing support for the Xbox 360 (360) servers into the future, Microsoft Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Yusuf Mehdi advised that the ‘extremely profitable’ servers would be supported for at least a further 3 years.

That brings us into 2016, which is where we are now, so it’s no surprise that this subject has now raised its head again, with fans of the system concerned that the servers may now be getting ready to close down.

The original Xbox and Xbox Live 1.0 started out in 2001 and was supported right through until it was discontinued in 2010, and given that the 360 has already passed its 10 year anniversary I can understand why the concern is real for those still very much so invested into that console.Phil

Whilst it is inevitable that the 360 servers will eventually be shut down so that Microsoft can focus primarily on the Xbox One, there seems to be no intention of doing that just yet.

When approached about this on Twitter, Phil Spencer replied with “Not True”.

Obviously the 360 era is still playing a big role in the success of the Xbox One with the implementation of Backwards Compatibility, which is bringing more people over from one to the other, however that doesn’t make the 360 obsolete just yet.

I for one will continue to play my 360 well into the future as there are many games not yet a part of the backwards compatible library that I still thoroughly enjoy playing.

So rest easy 360 enthusiasts, the internet is often wrong and in this case in particular, any reports advising that the servers are shutting down in November this year are incorrect according to the king of the Xbox castle.