The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Update is now live on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 & PC

As promised by Community Lead for CD Projekt Red, Marcin Momot ,the new update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has now been released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Update 1.12 is rather impressive with the key highlights listed below. However, if you would like to peruse the 5 page long patch notes detailing all the changes that were made you can do so here.


Hearts of Stone

  • Fixes issue whereby achievement titled Wild Rose Dethorned could not be completed.
  • Fixes interaction on pickaxe in quest titled Enchanting: Quality Has Its Price.
  • Introduces a number of improvements to general game performance.
  • Fixes issue whereby swapping of enchanted gear within Inventory granted permanent bonuses to statistics.
  • Fixes incorrect Stamina bonus granted for Caparison of Lament in New Game + mode.
  • DLC’s
  • Fixes rare issue whereby a doll could not be picked up in quest titled Where the Cat and Wolf Play.
  • Fixes specific user’s issue with werewolf in quest titled Contract: Skellige’s Most Wanted.
  • Main Game
  • Fixes exploit involving Alchemy skill titled Tissue Transmutation.
  • Fixes issue whereby quickslots could disappear if game difficulty level was changed during combat.
  • Fixes exploit involving Superior White Raffard’s Decoction and skill named Delayed Recovery.
  • Fixes rare issue whereby some minibosses could become immortal under certain circumstances.
  • Fixes misleading message displayed when players attempted to cast Signs in combat, while enveloped by a cloud resulting from the detonation of a Dimeritium Bomb.
  • Fixes exploit whereby some items (runes, glyphs) could be upgraded infinitely.
  • Fixes issue whereby items in merchants’ stores could not be compared to currently equipped items.
  • Introduces enhancement whereby ingredients required for a pinned formula and in possession of a merchant are now highlighted in said merchant’s Shop screen.
  • Improves quest tracking by enabling tracking of objectives across different game regions.
  • Fixes issue whereby destroyed monster nests would respawn after a time.
  • Introduces balance improvement whereby prices of goods throughout Skellige drop by 10% after Geralt kills the giant and agrees to take all the credit for it in quest titled The Lord of Undvik.
  • Fixes rarely occurring technical glitch whereby older patch fixes failed to work correctly.