Creating Greatness at Santa Monica Studio – Presentation at GDC 2016 by Sony

Details have now been provided of a panel event that will take place at GDC 2016 that will be presented by Sony.

The event is titled ‘Creating Greatness at Santa Monica Studio’ and will be held on March 17th at 1000 – 1100 PT.

Creating Greatness at Santa Monica Studio (presented by Sony)

David Hewitt  |  Sr. Manager Game Design, Santa Monica Studio

Koray Hagen  |  Programmer, Santa Monica Studio

Location:  Career Center Theater, Career Center, North Hall

Date:  Thursday, March 17

Time:  10:00am – 11:00am

This session will introduce the unique creative culture of Sony’s Santa Monica Studio, with its combination of AAA internal development and incubation and partnerships with some of the industry’s most innovative independent teams. We’ll cover what we look for in new team members, how we work together, how we grow and develop one another, and what it really means to put quality (and the player!) first. We’ll look at the studio from both a technical and a creative perspective, and will be open to questions from audience members who want to know more about our studio and the people who work there.

We will include details of how you can tune into the event once they are released, so check back in with us shortly.