Crimson Day Destiny update headed your way on February 9th


Bungie has announced details of an upcoming update that is due to land at 1000 AM PT on February 9th.

Update version 2.1.1 goes live on Crimson Day and includes changes to Special Ammo, Damage Referee, Freelance Playlists, and a lot more.

Here are the details:


Special Ammo:

Directly from Senior Designer Derek Carroll, here’s how the February update will chance Special Ammo:

  • After the update, players will start certain matches without Special Ammo. Once the match has begun, those green Special crates will behave in the same ways you’re used to (although you may be looking for them a bit more).

Freelance Playlists:

With the new update, Bungie is adding new Freelance 6v6 and 3v3 playlists. The key to Freelance is that no Fireteams are allowed. This is a playlist for solo players, only.

  • Freelance 6v6 features a mix of Clash, Control, and Rift.
  • Freelance 3v3 features a mix of Elimination, Salvage, and Skirmish.

Damage Referee:

Damage Referee is the new name for how Bungie plans on handling network issues that can go wrong in Destiny. Here’s exactly what it means from Networking Engineer Paul Lewellen:

  • “Damage Referee” is our code-name for upcoming changes to the way Destiny handles things that can go wrong when you’re playing games online. Our goal is to give you a better experience in the Crucible when there are Internet problems outside of your control.

Updates to King’s Fall:

In this update, Bungie is also bringing updates to the King’s Fall Raid. The first fix is to fix an issue where the camera would snap back to default position. And the second change is that Oryx are now nerfed to the ground.