Dambuster Studios Addresses Homefront: The Revolution Beta Concerns

homefront the revolution beta

Dambuster Studios has a lot of player feedback to sort through following their Closed Beta for Homefront: The Revolution. Some of it’s good, some of it’s bad. Here’s how they’re approaching the process:



If you can’t view the video, I had a decent time with Homefront: The Revolution, but it was still rough in spots. Dambuster Studios reports over 200,000 people played the game’s beta – and some 25,000 were online at the same time, which helped push matchmaking and server architecture.

Additionally, the beta generated over 150 GB of telemetry – data used to determine how players played the game. The developers say they are also reading all feedback on Youtube, Twitch, official forums, and social media.

Dambuster Studios says they understand many people wanted to see more polish in the Beta, “We hope you understand this was a real Beta with crucial development goals, not a glossy marketing demo . We made a conscious decision to not devote time polishing the Beta and instead focus on getting that data and feedback sooner rather than later, so we can properly respond to it – this will only benefit the final quality of the game. We know some of you had concerns over the Beta’s visual quality, but that is normal for a product this far from release – if we had the choice again, we’d do it the same way.”

A least they’re approaching it the right way. In a thank you video to beta players, Dambuster Studios says they’re aware of the high bar of quality set for the game, and they’re confident it will be met when the game is released on May 17th.

If you didn’t get a chance to play the Closed Beta, check out our impressions video below.