DWP 7: Come along & listen to insight from the gaming industry from Christian Allen, Paul Mode & Max Rampage

Welcome to another round of the Developers Workshop Podcast.

For those who are new to these workshops, the aim is to bring together game developers and industry professionals to discuss development processes, active projects and also to give budding developers a chance to draw on the knowledge of their peers.

Joining us in Round 7 we have:

  • Christian Allen from Serellan (former Lead Game Designer of Ghost Recon, currently developing Epsilon)
  • Paul Kilduff-Taylor from Mode 7 Games (Frozen Synapse 2)
  • Max Rampage from Cold Furnace Studios (The Undying)

Join Early Access for Epsilon: Click here.
Check out Frozen Synapse 2: Click here.
Be sure to visit the Cold Furnace website: Click here.