Electronic Super Joy Review for Xbox One

At first glance it would be all to easy to dismiss Electronic Super Joy as just another simplistic and basic platformer, but I’m here to tell you just how big of a mistake you would be making in doing that.

This wonderfully crafted title by the talented Michael Todd Games, is far removed from anything simple and basic. What they have created, in my opinion, is a masterpiece. Electronic Super Joy can go toe to toe with some of the best platforming games that I have ever played.

Something that immediately resonated with me while playing Electronic Super Joy is though it’s no push over in the gameplay department, it also doesn’t take itself too seriously with its theme and the quest set before you. From the moment the game boots up you’re greeted by a pulse pumping soundtrack of electronic music and a hilarious game WARNING screen cautioning you to all the things you may experience while playing. It was in this moment that I knew this game could possibly be something very special.


Your protagonist lost his arm in the Disco Wars of 1515, he also lost an eye in the war of Rock & Roll, he then lost both legs defeating DJ Deadly Skillz, only to lose his ENTIRE butt to an evil wizard….and this is how your quest for revenge begins! Simply put Electronic Super Joy is a very funny game. In fact it’s probably one of the funniest games I have played since South Park: The Stick of Truth, and that is pretty good company to be in.

The adventure starts by teaching you the basic controls of the game, which admittedly can lure you into a false sense of security. Something that Electronic Super Joy does very well is to continue to mix things up by never letting you become too comfortable or complacent.  The moment you feel like you have things under control, levels and abilities can and will change, and the game’s mechanics and level designs change as well. This turns everything on its proverbial ear and the difficulty ramps up. This is a difficult game, make no mistake about it – however, you should not let  that deter you from playing it.


While the game is tough it is also fair and forgiving, by making sure there are strategically placed check points throughout each level. I found that these checkpoints were plentiful, but never gratuitous nor did they give you a sense of “handholding”. They serve more as a beacon that allows you to steel your nerves and push forward through tough sections with hopes of reaching the checkpoint and saving your butt in the nick of time.

Level design in Electronic Super Joy is precise and thought out. Your success or failure usually comes down to how well you’re paying attention, your co-ordination, and more importantly, timing. As the level is panning, missiles are firing at, and chasing you, all while you are dodging laser rays in an attempt to hit all the required jumps.  The feeling is intense and extremely rewarding once you make it through.

I should also mention that dying often plays a huge part in Electronic Super Joy. While that can be frustrating, it is also the thing that adds to the addictive nature of this title. One of the coolest features in the game that I commend Michael Todd Games for, is putting in a reset button that absolutely comes in handy in those moments when you mistimed a jump or came up short of making it to a platform. The reset button allows you to instantly skip the death and get right back to the checkpoint, and thus getting you right back into the action.

That being said, if you are a person that tends to shy away from games with a higher degree of difficulty sadly Electronic Super Joy may not be for you and that is certainly ok. This game endeavors to challenge your nerve while daring you to push forward but somehow I think that is the point Electronic Super Joy is trying to make. “I’m funny, charming and nice to look at but I’m no average platforming game!”


As you progress through the game’s 45+ levels, you will run into characters and bosses that throw out hilarious one liners and dialogue that are just as perfectly suited to the game as the amazing soundtrack that pulsates throughout each level. Speaking of the music, Electronic Super Joy is aptly named due to the awesome electronic music and created by ENVY with “Audio Magic” handled by Ryan Roth. The soundtrack in this game is absolutely sublime and a perfect choice for the colorful graphics on display. In fact there were many times I would just sit and listen or get a great chuckle watching how the characters in the game continuously bop their heads in sync with the music.


While this game is probably not considered a “graphical beast” by some, I personally can’t say enough about just how beautiful this game is and it’s truly a work of art. The color palette is minimalistic and vibrant and compliments the silhouettes of the characters and other background graphics seamlessly. Everything just jumps off the screen.

Electronic Super Joy is described as “An Electronic Action Experience” and a more apt description of this game could not be given. This title earns your respect with its attention to detail in gameplay and aesthetic. That is to be commended. It’s brutally challenging while also rewarding, graphically stunning, hilariously charming, and supported by a soundtrack that can live outside of just being music that compliments the game. What Michael Todd Games has created in Electronic Super Joy, I cannot begin to recommend enough. It is absolutely worth your time.