New Update Hits Fallout Shelter, Adds Crafting, Junk, and More Pets!

fallout shelter update 1.4

The new update (1.4) for Fallout Shelter, brings a taste of Fallout 4 to handheld devices.

In a news release, Bethesda announced the mobile game will add crafting in the next update, available later this week.

Vault Dwellers may now find “worthless” junk in the Wasteland. New Weapon and Armor crafting rooms have been added to turn that junk into new items in the game. All lunchboxes now also contain a bonus “Junk” card.


fallout shelter, junk, new features
New features abound in next update.


Bethesda also reports you can customize the look of any dweller with the new Barbershop room, and new outfits and weapons have been added.

You’ll also find new Dogs and Cats, plus Parrots! Now your favorite Vault Dweller can entertain avian company. New pet bonuses have been added as well.

To view additional details of the new patch, check out the full press release here.