Next Battlefield Hardline DLC Adds Gun Bench, Slick Maps

battlefield hardline betrayal dlc

The next round of downloadable content (DLC) for Electronic Art’s Battlefield Hardline will allow players to fine-tune their weaponry before heading into combat.



If you can’t view the video: as part of the upcoming DLC Betrayal, players will be able to use the Gun Bench. EA says the new feature means you “can personalize up to five primary weapons with new reticles, colors, customized camos, and fine control over the wear and tear of your weapon. You can also edit up to 16 uniforms for a tailored look for your favorite class and faction. Equip your customized weapon and uniform in the Loadout screen, and show the world your style in any multiplayer match.” The Gun Bench is part of the larger Gun Range, which contains “all the tools and hardware necessary to test and tune your weapons, including a shooting range for target practice.”


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Welcome to the Rock.


In the Betrayal DLC, Battlefield Hardline players will also hit the ground on four new maps: Alcatraz, Thin Ice, Cemetery, and Chinatown. That’s right, you’ll finally be able to yell “Welcome to The Rock,” without feeling silly. The maps feature varying gameplay, as players fight through crumbling prison cells, crashed airliners, an upstate crematorium, and fireworks stores. EA released a new trailer to go with the announcement. Check it out below:



In the trailer, we get a peek at a new vehicle, the snowmobile. We also a know you’ll be able to get behind the wheel of a hearse. EA promises a number of new weapons, as well – including a break-action elephant gun that fires the insanely-powerful .500 Nitro Express. Perhaps this will be enough incentive to lure players back to the battlefield?

While Betrayal for Battlefield Hardline will be released in March, no official date has been set. Premium subscribers get the DLC two weeks early. For more information, click here.