The long awaited sequel to Frozen Synapse is in development

We have been waiting for quite a while for a sequel to Frozen Synapse, since 2011 in fact, however that wait is nearly at an end.

Developers Mode 7 Games have announced that they are in fact currently working on the sequel named Frozen Synapse 2, and the planned release date is for some time in 2016.

Very little details have been given out so far regarding the direction the sequel will head in, other than you can look forward to “open world tactics”.

It will be interesting to see how the concept of groups of people formulating their strategies in secret which are then all played out at the same time, will function in a larger open world setting.



If pre-meditated tactical planning is your thing then we recommend you check out Frozen Synapse on Steam while waiting for more details to be revealed about the upcoming and highly anticipated sequel.

To hear more from the Lead Developer, Paul Kilduff-Taylor, regarding the games development and the direction Mode 7 Games is headed in, check out the Developers Workshop Podcast below.

A new soundtrack has also been released, written by Paul Kilduff-Taylor himself, which you can check out now.