Unlock Four Gear Sets for Tom Clancy's The Division – For Free

Based on impressions from the Closed Beta, many people will be picking up Tom Clancy’s The Division when it releases on March 8, 2016. (UPDATED 3/9: We are receiving reports the promotion has expired).

What’s more, Ubisoft is giving you an opportunity to snag a code that will unlock four special gear sets for your agent in The Division – and it’s free, as part of an effort to promote The Division’s web TV series “Agent Origins. Here’s a step-by-step guide to obtaining the code for the gear sets:



As someone who was a firefighter at one time, I greatly appreciate this move by Ubisoft. It’s a little bit of fan service for gamers who are everyday heroes – and the exact kinds of people who would make a difference in the situation facing citizens in The Division. 

If you’re unable to view the video, to get your code for the special gear sets, click here.  You will need a Uplay account. Select your preferred system, then when prompted, enter “AGENTORIGINS”  in the available text box. You will then be presented with a code, usable on the system you selected. It’s important to note that you cannot redeem this code until the release of the full game. So, make sure you write it down (although Ubisoft will also email it to the email account tied to your Uplay account).

If you haven’t watched Agent Origins yet, check it out below. We’ll see you in New York, March 8th!

Please note: Whilst there is no word of region restriction on the website, it would seem that only those with American accounts are currently able to acquire these codes. We will update you further when we know more.