XCOM 2 developer assures you they are aware of the issues and fixes are on the way

Firaxis Games’ Lead Designer for XCOM 2, Jake Solomon, has spoken out about his frustrations with the performance issues that are plaguing the game and causing an unfavourable experience for many players.

Whilst there is no date as of yet for when you can expect these fixes to be available, Soloman assures players that they are “working very furiously” to get these issues address ASAP.

“Maybe this is damning on me, but I’m sitting here talking to you now on the laptop I use to play it on, and I didn’t see these issues. We didn’t catch this stuff in compatibility testing. We’re fully, fully accountable for the product in people’s hands, so we certainly take responsibility for it.”

“To people who are suffering them, if they’re frustrated, I’m as frustrated and more. We will continue to update the game, and we do have some workarounds – heck, you guys even posted some workarounds – but we definitely have fixes coming soon.”

Whilst issues like framerate jumping all over the shop or your customized players randomly just changing their appearance all of a sudden, are things that can be lived with short term, problems like the cover icon not showing up so you don’t know if you are in full cover or not is a much bigger issue which often will result in you dying.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown was a massive success and I have no doubt that once these issues are ironed out, XCOM 2 will be just as successful.