Developers Workshop Podcast with Chris Charla from [email protected]

With GDC 2016 now wrapped up, and the massive announcements that have come out of Microsoft and the [email protected] program, we sat down with the Director of the program, Chris Charla, the creator of #IDARB, Mike Mika, and the lead developer of an upcoming [email protected] title, Jay Adeloye from Drop Dead Interactive.

For those who are tuning in for the first time, the goal of this workshop is to bring developers and industry professionals together to discuss game development as well as provide important insight into overcoming road blocks for up and coming developers.

Subjects covered:

  • The [email protected] Program implementation, goals and future focuses
  • Why the [email protected] Program is so important to emerging developers
  • GDC 2016 (Microsoft cross-platform announcement and games, games, games!)