Fable Legends – Beta in-game purchases to be reimbursed

Early this week we received the sad news that Fable Legends has been cancelled and details regarding the proposed closure of Lionhead Studios.

For those of you who have been taking part in the beta and have invested financially in the game by way of purchasing gold, you may be asking yourself what will be happening to your investment?

Lionhead have released a statement via email to those participating in the beta, advising that you will in fact be receiving a reimbursement for your in-game purchases and can expect further details regarding this over the next 7 days:

The decision has been made to stop development on Fable Legends, and the service will cease to be available after 15:00 GMT on Wednesday 13 April 2016. Players who already have access to the closed beta will be able to continue playing the game until this time. Gold purchases from the in-game bank will be disabled with immediate effect.

We will be providing all players who purchased gold a full refund. Players who are eligible for a refund will be provided further information by email within the next 7 days.

We want to thank all the players who participated in the closed beta and who helped with the development of Fable Legends.

This is a sad situation for all who loved the beta and were anticipating the games release, but even more so for those who are a part of the team involved in its development.

We wish all at the studio who have been affected by this a speedy journey onto your next endeavor and we will keep you updated with further details regarding the upcoming reimbursements.