Fallout 4 Automatron DLC Details Leak Online (No Story Spoilers)

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Before I dive into this, know that I am not mentioning any of the details regarding the narrative of Fallout 4‘s Automatron. There will be no spoilers in that regard. Additionally, I am not a Beta participant for the Fallout 4 downloadable content, so I am not under a non-disclosure agreement.

With that being said, an anonymous user on 4chan leaked a variety of images from the new DLC. The new images include examples of the robot modification system, settlement details, and new power armor.



If you can’t view the video, here are the new (spoiler-safe) images from the leak, plus some observations:


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From this image, you’re able to see a few key details. Though these images are from 4chan, it appears the screenshots come from Fallout 4‘s Xbox One version, which does not support mods – meaning it has to be official content. This is the same robot construction station we saw in Fallout 4‘s official Automatron trailer. It’s also in a different location than we last saw (the Starlight Drive-In), meaning the station can be constructed at settlements like any other crafting bench.

We’re also able to see in the image, that there is a significant amount of options for weapons on this “Automatron-626.” Highlighted is the gatling-type flamethrower we saw in the Automatron trailer. Interestingly, just like weapon modifications, it appears we will have to meet certain perk level requirements to build some modifications. In this example, to build “Right Hand Heavy Flamer Gun,” the player needs rank 3 of the Science! perk and rank 1 of Gun Nut. We also see the kinds of materials we will need for robot parts, so start scavenging before Automatron’s release.

It’s worth noting in this image is the “Carry Weight” statistic. This means certain robot mods will increase carrying capacity, just like the “pocketed” mods for standard armor. I should also point out the Damage Resistance statistic, since it likely means we can tailor our robot to better resist either physical or energy damage.


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This next image is telling for a variety of reasons. First, we’re in the Workshop menu – in The Mechanist’s lair. This means that after the question of The Mechanist has been solved, we will be able to build a settlement in the lair. If you look closely, you’ll notice some new items in the workshop menu. This confirms Automatron includes new items for building in your settlements.

Of course, the biggest surprise here is a decidedly-naked Codsworth. The robot appears to have his outer shell removed and several other modifications to his appearance. It’s exciting to see we will be able to modify one of the game’s most endearing companions.


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This image clearly shows a unique set of power armor. It’s also a new type – Tesla. We’ve seen Tesla power armor before, in Fallout 3, where it was particularly good at guarding against energy damage. It’s likely this power armor is not a mod for the T-60, since the star indicates it is a legendary item. This is the same way the Piezonucleic power armor chest piece and Tessa’s Fist appear in Fallout 4. So, in all probability the Tesla T-60 armor is a complete legendary set.

The anonymous user on 4chan added some comments with the photos, providing some additional information on Automatron. Among them was the existence of a new raider faction called the “Rust Devils,” there is a wide variety of robot voices ranging from beeps to synthesized and non-synthesized male and female voices. Sadly, according to the anonymous user we will not be able to modify eyebots (this has been disputed, however).

If you’re interested in more speculation, you can check out my analysis of the launch trailer for Fallout 4‘s expansion Automatron. The DLC will go live on Tuesday, March 22.