Fallout 4's 1.5 Patch Notes Detailed

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The release of Fallout 4‘s Automatron downloadable content (DLC) has many players returning to the Wasteland. The addition of a revamped Survival Mode will likely also appeal to many.

Survival Mode is part of Fallout 4‘s 1.5 update, and is currently in Beta on Steam for PC. Here’s what else is changing in the Commonwealth.



If you can’t view the video:

There are several fixes coming to Fallout 4 with the 1.5 patch:

General stability and performance improvements:

  • Fixed rare crash related to reloading a save that relies on Automatron.
  • Fixed issue with the robot workbench camera not moving properly immediately after canceling out of the menu.
  • Fixed issue with perks being repeatedly added when reloading a saved game while in robot workbench.
  • Fixed issue with Ada not properly traveling to an assigned settlement
  • Robots can now be assigned as settlement vendors.
  • Fixed issue with “Appropriation” where blueprints would not appear properly if the container had already been looted prior to getting the quest.
  • In “Nuclear Option,” entering the Institute using the targeting helmet on Power Armor no longer inadvertently causes the player to go into combat, and become stuck in the Institute.
  • Fixed distance check with Robotics Expert perk.

The 1.5 update is available in Beta on Steam for PC and includes the new Survival Mode. Publisher Bethesda has yet to set a date for the update’s release on Xbox One and Playstation 4.

We’ll keep you posted when more information is released.

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