Here Are All The Division's DLC Outfits

the division preorder

There are a lot of different outfits in Tom Clancy’s The Division. You don’t have to find them as loot or help civilians to get them, either.

Some are bonuses for preordering or beta participation, while other are promotional, included with the Season Pass, or can be purchased. Here’s a rundown of every single hat, scarf, jacket, shirt, pants, and boots available as downloadable content for The Division. 

If you preordered The Division‘s standard edition, you likely received the “Haz-Mat Pack.” It includes a custom-skinned P416 Assault Rifle, a unique look for your agent, and a Go-Bag that increases resistance to exotic damage. If you preordered the Gold Edition of The Division, you also received the “National Guard Pack,” which includes a custom-skinned P416 Assault Rifle, military fatigues, and a Go-Bag that increases armor. Here’s what those preorder bonus outfits look like in-game (minus the Go-Bags):



If you didn’t preorder The Division, you can still get these gear sets by purchasing the game’s Season Pass.

The Division‘s Season Pass also includes four special outfits for your agent: the Motorcycle Police Officer, Sheriff, Trooper, and SWAT. Here’s what they look like in-game:



Other sets available include the Agent Origins gear sets. These were available as part of a promotion with the Agent Origins short films, viewable on websites like YouTube and Amazon Instant Video. We’re told the promotion has since expired, though it’s not clear if these outfits will eventually be included with the Season Pass (I still had to used my promotional code to obtain them). The gear sets include unique outfits and Go-Bags for the Firefighter, Police, Paramedic, and Hunter. Here’s what they look like in-game (minus the Go-Bags):



If you’re not already a member of Ubisoft Club, head over and sign up. You’ll find several outfits that can be unlocked using your Ubisoft Units (earned by playing Ubisoft games). It’s also where you’ll find your exclusive outfit rewards, if you were a Beta participate for The Division. Outfits available through Ubisoft Club include the Iconic Division Jacket (as seen in the Agent Origins short films), the Centurions Basketball Fan Pack, and Broker Outfit. If you were a beta participant for The Division, you will receive the exclusive Shortbows Cap and Jacket. If you own Rainbow Six: Siege, you’ll also have access to the Rainbow Six: Siege Tactical Suit. I spent my Ubisoft Units so you don’t have to! Here’s what they look like in-game, so you can decide if they’re worth your time:



The Division did have a couple appearance packs available for purchase on Day One. I dislike Day One DLC out of principle, but make your own judgement. The Marine Forces Outfit Pack includes four different appearances for your agent, modeled on The U.S. Marine Corps various camouflage patterns. The Marine Forces Outfit Pack retails for $4.99. Here’s what they look like in-game:



Aside from The Marine Forces Outfit Pack, Ubisoft is also offering the Military Specialists Outfit Pack. For $4.99, you receive the Army Spec Ops, Pilot, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, and Sniper outfits. Here’s what they look like in-game:



Ubisoft has created an interesting outfit model for The Division. I absolutely love that it’s robust a “mix and match” system. I enjoy having the ability to incorporate different items into a singular outfit. While I do find the Broker Outfit really slick, here’s my current agent:


the division outfit firefighter


I used to be a volunteer firefighter, so it’s fun to put on the old turnout gear again, even if it’s just in-game.

What does your agent look like? What’s the coolest piece of appearance gear you have found in The Division? Let us know in the comments.