How To Access The Division's Ubisoft Club Rewards

ubisoft club, rewards, how to, walkthrough

Ubisoft Club is a hot mess. It’s poorly designed, lacks personality, and offers very little to players. As part of an effort to make it more popular, it seems Ubisoft has lately been offering some decent rewards to players who connect to it.

If you’re playing Tom Clancy‘s The Division, you may want to take note, as you’re able to unlock some interesting outfits and benefits through the rewards program. Sadly, Ubisoft isn’t making it easy.



 If you can’t view the video: If you’re a member of Ubisoft Club, you earn Units (like credits) by playing games, which you can redeem to unlock items. These items range from in-game rewards to things like concept art and comic strips. Here’ what’s currently available for The Division:


ubisoft club, rewards, faq, walkthrough
Not bad…


As you can see, I have a few things unlocked already. Some of these were rewards for completing actions in the Betas, while others were simply for being a member of the Ubisoft Club program. Some items are free, while others cost Units to unlock.  Most are not super-useful items, but it’s nice to have an outfit or gun camouflage someone else may not have. You also have the option to purchase Dark Zone keys, which allow you to unlock those special crates with powerful gear in the DZ.

So, how do you sign up? You first need to sign up for a Uplay account. It’s best to log in with your credentials for your respective console, this way it tallies up your previous accomplishments. Even if you decide not to, be sure to link your Xbox Live or Playstation 4 accounts (you’ll find that under Account Management > Account Information). Once you’re all set up, click the “Collection” tab at the top, then the “Rewards” sub tab (not “Shop Rewards”),  and scroll down to The Division. There you’ll see your available items, what’s unlocked, and how much it costs to unlock others. You’ll find your Ubisoft Club Unit balance at the top right of the page.

If you decide to redeem Units for an in-game reward, you’ll need to visit the in-game Rewards Claim Vendor to claim it. In The Division, that’s located at the Base of Operations. The Rewards Claim Vendor is located at the back of the Base of Operations, below the Tech Wing. If you’re having difficulty finding him, check your map once you’re inside.


ubisoft club, rewards, program, how to, walkthrough
One of many gear sets for The Division.


You may find you have other rewards available, since this is the same location you claim your preorder bonuses, like the “Haz-Mat Gear Set” and “National Guard Gear Set.” It’s also where you’ll find the four gear sets associated with The Division‘s Agent Origins short film promotion, which we have been told has now expired. For FAQs regarding Ubisoft Club, click here.

Ubisoft really needs to work on not only the awareness of Ubisoft Club, but also its execution. It’s currently very cumbersome and confusing. If this process is streamlined, Ubisoft will develop a deeper relationship with its player base.

Hopefully this is just the start of Ubisoft’s use of the Ubisoft Club, and many more potential rewards are on the way. We’ll keep you posted if we hear about any more goodies being offered for The Division.