Incursions, Loot Trading, Three Major Expansions, Free Updates – All Coming in Year One of The Division

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March 8th is just days away, which means we’ll finally be getting our hands on the full version of Tom Clancy’s The Division.

As part of The Division‘s hype machine, Ubisoft released a trailer on Thursday, detailing several things coming to The Division for the first year of content – and it’s music to our ears. Check out our analysis below.



If you can’t view the video, things kick off with two free updates:

  • Update 1.1 “Incursions” hits in April, and includes the addition of “Incursions” – missions which have been developed specifically for squad play, a major strength of The Division‘s concept. The first Incursion “will pit you and your squad against a seemingly-unstoppable force, and will reward you with some powerful new weapons and equipment.” This update also includes support for loot trading.
  • Update 1.2 “Conflict” releases in May, and “will change the way you play in the Dark Zone.” The update will also add a new Incursion in the iconic “Columbus Circle.”

As for the three major expansions:

  • Expansion I “Underground” is coming in June. Players “will descend into the underbelly of New York to save what remains.” After being sent reeling by players, enemies of The Division are regrouping underground – hiding in the maze of tunnels and catacombs beneath The Big Apple.
  • Expansion II “Survival” is slated for release sometime this summer. This expansion’s description reads, “Will you find enough essential supplies throughout New York to survive and secure high-tech equipment? or will you succumb like so many others to the temptation to turn Rogue?” It sounds like new loot and combat situations will be added in the Dark Zone – as well as more reasons to backstab your friends.
  • Expansion III “Last Stand” arrives in winter. Players will face a “new threat” in the third expansion, “You and your squad must prepare to defend against a relentless foe. Recruit other agents and build your defenses to help you hold the line.” It sounds like The Division will be getting a tower-defense “Hoard Mode” with this addition.


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All three expansions are included with the game’s Season Pass, which retails for $40, and is included in the game’s Gold Edition ($100). Season Pass holders will also get exclusive benefits, like weapons, gear sets, and bonus events throughout the year.

Ubisoft promises additional features for all players over the course of the year – including daily and weekly assignments, more gear, more Dark Zone events, and a challenge mode. The Division may be lacking decent preorder bonuses, but at least it has a robust support plan.

All of these details were released in The Division’s Season Pass and Year One Content trailer. View it below.