Review: Super Galaxy Squadron EX

Super Galaxy Squadron EX (SGS) takes place in the year 2436. There is a galactic war in progress and it’s up to 14 fearless pilot fighters from various races to go against the Alien race that is going to destroy the entire universe.

This game is a classic shooter. What I love about this game is that it’s not changing the formula of previous shooters before it. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it, and that is what makes this game so much fun. It knows its identity and doesn’t try to change it by adding flair or unneeded types of game mechanics for it to work. You have a button for shooting and an additional special button. That’s it -keep it simple right! However, as easy and simple as it looks SGS takes things to a whole new level.

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The challenge is quite simple. Kill the bad guys and don’t get hit, but this is easier said than done. This game is NINTENDO hard and it is the type of game that is going to make your eyes bleed. Sometimes there is so much going on you can’t tell if you will survive the onslaught. Don’t blink or it’s over. Literally. The game is a brutal shooter not for the faint of heart.

SGS is so hard that it will satisfy even hardcore shooter fans and that R-type/Life force kid in all of us. It may however, shy away the casual gamer. There are various different modes of play though meaning that everyone can find something to suit them.

As far as difficulty levels go you have Casual, Hardcore and HELL. Yes there is a mode called HELL and that’s basically what it is. Hell mode is so brutal that I wants able to get past one of the beginning levels. It is that challenging.

I also liked that you have a large variety of ships to choose from with different abilities. This is great because it gives the game that replay ability you would want in a shooter like this. Not only that, but if you don’t like a particular ship you can change ships at the start of every level without losing forward level progress. I thought this was a fantastic feature. There is also a nice auto save feature in case you get super far in the game and need to come back for any reason. I thought this was also great addition because it helps cater to the casual to pick up where they left off without having to go through the punishing levels to get back to where they once were. Remember these levels are brutal as HELL.

They game is fantastic and very addicting but it was missing a few things. First off, I truly wished that there was a co-op feature. It’s a shame to have such a beautiful game and no one to blast enemy ships with. Also I didn’t like how you can’t map your input keys to your liking. Being a PC game I found this very, very odd. SGS should have an option for key mapping. I, as well as most folks like to use ASWD and not the arrow keys for movement. It just doesn’t feel right what so ever. Even if you do have a controller option most PC elitists like to stick with the keyboard.

Additionally, the main campaign was short. Granted this game is brutal and most folks may not see the ending but it was way too short for a shooter of this type. I understand that you do have the replayability factor there with the 14 pilots to choose from but 6 levels just isn’t satisfactory enough in my opinion.

Over all I give this game an 8/10. SGS game is fantastic.

I love the art design and the way the devs kept the game simple and true to its shooter roots. I love the degree of difficulty as it’s something that games now days are missing. I feel most games these days have a tendency to hold gamers hands and walk them through games just to ensure they complete it. Games shouldn’t be like this. They should be rewarding to finish like you actually accomplished something. This is what SGS does so well. It’s so satisfying to finish a level and to beat the boss.