The PlayStation VR headset isn’t limited to VR games – Use as a screen for all your PS4 games

During Sony’s media briefing at GDC 2016 an interesting detail regarding the functions of the PlayStation VR headset has been revealed.

You are not restricted to only using your headset for VR games, it can in fact act as a screen for all of your PlayStation 4 games.

Now I don’t know how much time you would want to spend gaming or watching movies with the headset on, however if you share your gaming space with friends or family this will be incredibly convenient as you are the only one that will be able to see it. Plus having your own ‘personal theatre’ on your head will mean if you don’t perhaps have the largest TV the VR screen will can act as a large screen for you.

There were no further details offered on exactly how this will work, however we can expect more details in the future and we will most certainly update you when they are revealed.