Ubisoft to Patch The Division's "Autumn's Hope" Loot Exploit

the division xbox one

It had a good run. Many players have been enjoying the loot exploit near the Autumn’s Hope safehouse in Tom Clancy’s The Division. But, its time is over.

Publisher Ubisoft patched the exploit during a recent sever downtime.



Now that named-boss “Bullet King” is out of a job, maybe Burger King is hiring?

The servers shut down for a scheduled weekly maintenance on Tuesday, March 22 for appromixatiely three hours. Here’s the complete list of changes.

Ubisoft’s post-launch support for The Division has been interesting. The company made some controversial changes to the amount of Phoenix Credits players receive for killing major enemies, requiring significantly more time to unlock items like high-end weapons and top-tier blueprints.

This kind of meddling appears largely unpopular with gamers. Destiny alienated large numbers of its player base by micromanaging the game in this way. While patching an exploit is understandable, let’s just hope they don’t over-do it in other aspects of the game.

(UPDATED 3/28)

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