Have you come across a cheater in The Division? This is how you report them

The Division, oh how we love to play you and complain about you just as much. Sadly though, this is the reality for most people playing The Division. Between the bugs and glitches, server outages and cheaters, The Division has become almost unplayable for some people.

Each person’s experience is different though, I have been lucky enough to only encounter a handful of cheaters in the hundreds of hours I have played, on the flip side though I constantly have issues with healing and reviving, along with the occasional drop through the map.

All in all though, The Division is still a great game. There have been some fundamental changes made to the games economy lately though that has really deterred a lot of people who were religiously logging on every day. That coupled with the new glitches that are allowing so many to exploit the game and get gear that is above the level they should by all rights have, is killing the love that many initially had for the game.

The Division had/has (I say had as if these fundamental issues are not resolved it will not recover) the potential to be a huge hit for a very long time. With the promise of regular additions of DLC content, The Division could have some very long legs.

You can help with this. Providing feedback of the bugs you find and where you found them is very important to the developers so they can act on these quickly, the other way you can help is by reporting the cheaters.

Now don’t go thinking that you can pull a prank on one of your friends and report them for the fun of it, Ubisoft will want proof of what has occurred and will investigate each instance fully before taking action.

Running around with +1,000,000 health may seem funny to some but it destroys the experience for others who encounter you in the Dark Zone. Think about how your actions are effecting others before you gear up next time agent!

Here is the process you need to go through to report someone that is cheating and ruining the experience for others:

We believe in fair play for everyone and we understand how frustrating and disruptive it can be when coming across this type of behaviour.

If you have come across this type of behaviour, we would like to hear from you.

So we can further investigate and take the appropriate steps in order to resolve this issue, please contact our Support Team with the information below:

  • Reported Player’s Username
  • Time of observed cheat
  • Description of cheat used

If available, please provide us with Pictures and Video links. You can contact our Support Team by creating a Support Ticket for the platform played by the cheater: https://support.ubi.com/en-GB/faqs/0…Cheaters-FAQ//