How To Expand Your Settlement Limit in Fallout 4

fallout 4, wasteland workshop, settlement, size, glitch, increase

With the Wasteland Workshop downloadable content (DLC) releasing for Fallout 4 on Tuesday, many players will soon run out of space to build items in settlements.

Sadly, there’s a limit to how much you can build in Fallout 4 at settlements – sort of.



If you can’t view the video:

While probably implemented to keep loading times down and frame rates up, these caps are annoying. You can also increase them, using a relatively well-known glitch. If you’re unfamiliar with that glitch, here’s how it works.

To increase your settlement’s space cap, select weapons from your inventory and drop them on the ground. Only traditional, handheld weapons will work (guns, melee weapons, etc.). Other items like grenades won’t work. Once you’re dropped your weapons, enter Workshop Mode, and place the weapons in the Workbench.


fallout 4, settlement, workshop, space, size, glitch, increase
Rinse and repeat for more space.


You’ll notice the settlement’s size meter will appear less full. Simply repeat this process until you have enough room to build what you want. Don’t go completely overboard with the glitch, though. Settlement caps were created for a reason – if there’s too much stuff to load, the game may crash – though it’s not widely reported.

Wasteland Workshop will be available April 12th, and is included in Fallout 4‘s Season Pass. To purchase the expansion as a standalone, it runs $4.99.

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