Issue 3: EXL Gaming Magazine – March in Review

This month we take you through some of our exclusive interviews, bring you more reviews, and due to demand, more ‘how to’ guides to assist you with some of your favorite games.

Please note: To get the best experience from this magazine you will need to view it on a PC or Laptop, no mobile compatibility is available at this time.


4) Exclusive Announcement: Cold Furnace Studios

6) Introducing Epsilon from Serellan

9) EXL Staff Member Biography

10) Gear Gauntlet from Drop Dead Interactive

12) The Division: How Crafting Works

14) PlayStation VR: Announcements

16) Review: Layers of Fear

18) Developers Workshop with Chris Charla, Head of ID@Xbox

20) Fallout 4 Automatron DLC & New Settlement Items

22) Maka’s Guides: ‘How To’ Hitman

24) Interview with the makers of Dangerous Golf

26) Interview with the makers of 100 Foot Robot Golf


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