Log-In to The Division This Weekend, Earn 150 Phoenix Credits

the division xbox one

To atone for their sins of easily exploitable glitches and screwing around with Phoenix Credit drops and conversion rates, Tom Clancy’s The Division developer Massive Entertainment announced via a Twitch livestream on Tuesday that players who log into the game this weekend will receive a special reward: 150 free Phoenix Credits.

It’s not clear if the freebies will be awarded to each character, or just to one. The announcement also did not specify the exact times the promotion would be in effect. Developers are encouraging fans to keep an eye on the game’s Twitter account and forums.

Phoenix Credits are The Division‘s end-game currency, and can be very difficult to come by. Casual players should make every effort to log into to the game this weekend and claim the credits.

We’ll keep you posted when Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft nail down set times for the free credits.