More Rewards Coming For Frustrated The Division Players

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Due to the infamous “backpack glitch” and missing characters, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment are compensating some The Division players for their troubles in the form of Phoenix Credits and crafting materials.

In a “State of the Game” post on The Division‘s website, the developers announced users who have had one of these issues will receive:

  • 500 Phoenix Credits
  • 10 High-End Electronics
  • 10 High-End Tools
  • 10 High-End Fabrics
  • 10 High-End Weapon Parts
  • 10 High-End Division Tech

The rewards will be distributed over the next few days. Additionally, due to another bug involving missing daily missions, any player who logs in this weekend will receive 150 Phoenix Credits for free.

The developers did not say if it was a singular reward, or if it could be collected with each of the player’s four potential agents.

As part of the reimbursement announcement, Massive Entertainment reiterated fixing exploits is on top of its priority list, and they are deploying a new fix for the Falcon Lost Incursion within a few days.