Nuka Cola Quantum Now Available Directly From Jones Soda Co.

Many people missed out on the first couple opportunities to purchase Nuka Cola Quantum as part of Fallout 4‘s launch.

There were a number of reasons for this:  Target employees purchasing the beverage before it was available to the public, people buying entire stocks despite the strict limit, etc. Thankfully, you now have a chance to purchase the bubbly blue beverage directly from the manufacturer.


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Those interested in snagging some of the rare drink can visit and order a four pack. It’s not cheap, though. That four pack will set you back $26.99 (USD), and it’s limited to one purchase per person.

It’s pretty much price-gouging at this point, since you can buy a 12-pack of berry lemonade (Nuka Cola Quantum’s flavor) for $24.99. Guess you’re paying extra for the label. If you’re curious what it tastes like, read our review.

Despite the high price, it still beats bidding on the bottles you find on eBay. Sadly, for those of you living internationally, Jones Soda Co. only ships to the United States and Canada.

But hey, if you’ve got the cash, why not enjoy a taste of the Wasteland while playing Fallout 4‘s newest expansion, Wasteland Workshop?