PAX East – Day 3

The final day of PAX East has just ended, and the weather is just lovely outside.

If you didn’t get to see the ‘Great Wall of Logitech’, check it out here. It’s well worth it, and attracted many a comment on social media. Plus, the new G900 Chaos Spectrum looks like something from Blade Runner. Believe me, that’s only a good thing. It performs well too, you’ll be pleased to hear! It rivals any gaming mouse on the market today, and I believe they all have life sparks, and will transform into helpful Autobots when the Decepticons arrive.

Rock Band 4 is going to have online multiplayer, which was announced along with DLC. There will be more news on this at E3, but it’s something that players have been calling for since the birth of the franchise.

Outlast 2 was showcased at the back of the exhibition hall, in a closed, dark, claustrophobic box. Players could experience 15 minutes of gameplay, and from the sounds of it, and the idea we get from IGN and GameSpot, it’s just as terrifying and wonderful as its predecessor. Check out this gameplay…

The tournament finals took place, with prizes galore for those worthy. The tournaments included all sorts of games, from Overwatch to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, and the whole convention ended with the finals of the PAX-dubbed ‘Omegathon’, which is a series of different games of various genres and platforms, the winner of which gets a holiday, which is pretty understandable, given the amount of skill that has to go into something like that. You’d need a holiday.

The Co-optional Podcast – featuring Total Biscuit, Dodger and Jessie Cox – was broadcast live from PAX on Twitch, in front of fans, which was as real treat, especially considering Total Biscuit’s withdrawal from the public eye. They talked conventions, games and relationships; opening themselves to questions from the audience.

As it turns out, Dodger was one of the passengers in the ‘Uber-watch’ Supertruck when it crashed into a car last night.