Suspensions are being handed out in The Division

Have you been a naughty agent? Maybe glitched an incursion or two? Have you been slaughtering people in the Dark Zone with your new found abilities the special gear pieces that you didn’t earn gives you?

If that’s you and you try to log onto The Division today and can’t, don’t bother checking your internet connection as there is a much simpler reason – you have been suspended!

Last night’s scheduled maintenance  brought more with it than we were told to expect. Ubisoft have been saying for a couple of weeks now that offenders would be punished and now they are coming good on that promise.

We don’t know exactly how long these suspensions are just yet and the length of them will no doubt vary based on the severity of your offense. When we have solid numbers on these we will let you know. In the meantime STOP GLITCHING and play the game properly.

Good luck out there agents.