2D RPG "Long Gone Days" Demo Released

Now I’m a big fan of “little” games. I say “little” in quotations marks because they don’t have multi-million dollar budgets. They are made on a relative shoe-string, but made with love. Right get the sick bucket…

Games like STARDROP or Serial Cleaner – they grab my attention because they have a whole heap more character about them than a lot of big-budget games. And Long Gone Days is no different – it is a game that is being made within RPG Maker MV, a program that is available through Steam. The game itself has been in the minds eye of the Camila Gormaz (the lead developer) since 2003 and was originally being developed on RPG Maker 2000. After 15 years of occasionally adding and writing the game, Camila threw herself into the game 7-days a week in 2015, once she’d gained some experience in the games industry – and now a demo has been released for your pleasure with more information through this link.

The official site describes the game as:

Long Gone Days is a character-driven RPG inspired by dystopian literature, but set in our present time, featuring real countries.

The game tells the story from the point of view of Rourke, a soldier from a highly isolated place on Earth, that decides to desert from the military after finding out the truth about the operation he’s part of, not really knowing the overall consequences of his actions during the beginning of an inescapable war.”

According to the official website, the features are:

  • It tells the story of a young man getting to know mundane things as if looked through the eyes of a child in a journey of self-growth, as well as understanding others.
  • Keep the team’s morale high: Once you have party members, choosing certain dialogue options will affect their Morale, which alters how they perform during battles. Keep in mind every character is motivated by different things.
  • The game features two battle systems: Front-view Turn-Based Combats and a “Sniper Mode”, which consists of Seek and Find mechanics.
  • Immersion: As you continue your journey through real world locations, some NPCs will speak in their native tongue. This means you’ll need specific party members (interpreters) to help you out to buy at shops and complete quests.
  • Keyboard and Xbox controller support.

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Have you played the demo? How does this game look to you? Do you have experience with RPG Maker MV or any of the other versions? Let us know in the comments below or in the RPG Forums.