A New Super Cute Game Called “Teddy Together” is Headed to the 3DS this Summer

In this game kids will be able to take care of their new Teddy, that has recently come to life. This Teddy is delivered to the child, in game, and comes with a Magic Key. From here you can name the Teddy and begin to interact and become best friends with it. You’ll want to check in every day, because that is the only way to find out why this Magic Key brought the Teddy to life and just more about the Teddy itself.

Teddy will begin to ask questions like, “What’s your favorite food?”, and then bring the answers up in later conversations. You can then introduce Teddy to family and friends and have them answer questions of their own, which Teddy will then let the child know about. The minigames you play with Teddy are more for feeding/wahsing him. So you’ll be making Teddy some food and feeding him. Which then sometimes he’ll get a little messy so you’ll have to give Teddy a bath.

If you have any Amiibo laying around, which includes Amiibo cards, you can tap one to the Touch Screen/NFC Reader a day to unlock special items for Teddy. These new items can range from little toys to new fur colors. These items can also be obtained using coins you win from minigames.

This game is set to be released in Europe for the Nintendo 3DS family on July 1st, 2016. As of writing no date has been given for a North America release.

Do you have a little brother/sister that you think would love this little game? What about the fact the the interaction with Teddy sounds like it comes from multiple games? Let us know in our comments.