An announcement of Prey 2 could be on the cards for the Microsoft presentation at E3 2016

We have all heard the rumors that a sequel to Prey is in the pipeline however nothing ever seems to come of said rumors, until now.

PC Gamer has stumbled across some information that suggests an announcement of the sequel will be made at E3 next month. Previously the only word on this was from an unidentified source stating that the remake is being made by Dishonored developer Arkane, now to back that up the domains for both and have been updated with an unpublished Facebook page now existing for the sequel as well.

So it would seem that the social media sites are getting ready to become active once again which supports the first claims that the sequel is in fact currently in development once again.

The below trailer is the Prey 2 cinematic trailer from 2011 which will put into context for you why fans of the first instalment in the franchise are ‘praying’ that this is more than just the whisperings of the internet.