Battlefield 4: Final Stand DLC – Free From EA

When mum tells you to wear a coat, and you take things too far...

Step right up! Step right up! Battlefield 4’s “Final Stand” DLC is available free o’ charge through Origin on PC. PlayStation Network and Xbox Live!

Following the unprecedented anticipation of Battlefield 1 over that other FPS game, Call of Doody (yes, I made a doody joke, it was cheap and I am ashamed) – EA are clearly keen to keep the momentum going by putting Battlefield 4’s DLC – Final Stand on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and the Origin Store for free, through their “On The House” offer.

This offer is only valid until May 24th (12pm East US, 5pm UK and 2am East Australia) so get yours before then!

If you’ve already played it, let us know what your impressions are! Will Battlefield 4 sate your Battlefield 1 desires until October? Tell us what you think in the comments below or in the RGM Forums.