Battlefield 5's Teaser Includes a Soldier… And a WWI Zeppelin.

battlefield 5, 1914, ww1

There’s a lot of debate about when and where the next Battlefield game will be, and those fans hoping for a World War I game just got an exciting shot in the arm.

This came in the form of a teaser trailer released by Battlefield on Twitter.


I’m still betting on World War I. This clip strengthens my belief. Here’s a brief analysis of what little we can see in the clip. The devil’s the in details, or the lack thereof.



If you can’t view the video:

The clip’s extremely short, so we don’t have much to go on. But, we do have a person on-screen. You may say there’s nothing unique about him – no helmet, no pack, no weapon, but that’s exactly what’s so intriguing about this shot. The fact there is no helmet, jet pack, or exosuit crap means we’re heading to a simpler time. He is dressed in a large olive-drab overcoat, which is typical for WWI or WWII.

As he looks up, a shadow comes over his face. This shadow is not the shape of an airplane, and is moving almost painfully slow. It’s also circular. There is a weapon of war that left such a shadow – a Zeppelin. Zeppelins were used as heavy-bombers during World War I. If you listen closely, you can hear a droning noise in the background that isn’t part of the music. I’ll even loop it for you.

Zeppelins were powered by propellers, so we’re not hearing a modern airplane or jet. These propellers produced this droning sound.

EA and DICE have dropped other hints that Battlefield is heading to World War I: In recent DLC packs for Battlefield Hardline, they included weapons familiar to World War I: the Springfield 1903 Bolt Action rifle, and the Lewis machine gun.

So, this is all we have to go on, but I’d say we’re still definitely looking at a WWI Battlefield game. We’ll find out tomorrow if I am right or wrong.

Battlefield 5’s official announcement is at 3PM CST.