Holiday Weekend Steam Sale – 27th May 2016

100 selling games

It’s a long weekend in both the US and the UK, and to celebrate, Steam have some great titles on offer, most only until the 30th.

Head over now to grab great deals on Metal Gear Solid titles, Splinter Cell, Warhammer, Ghost Recon and Dragon Quest Heroes among loads more.

Try Battleborn, for those of you up for some FPS multiplayer action that isn’t Overwatch. The characters are interesting, the combat is satisfying and the colours are fantastic. Because it’s from the creators of Borderlands, you can pretty much expect how Battleborn is as a game, and you’d be right. Enjoy!

If you’re after something a little more relaxing and quiet, to avoid waking your snoring Uncle who passed out on the sofa after the trip to the beach, then have a go at The Book of Unwritten Tales. It’s a comedic fantasy adventure point and click, with a fun art style set against gorgeous rendered backgrounds, and a range of individual characters and storylines. If you enjoy it, the second game is also on offer, so give that one a try too.

Impress your family/friends with your Another World (Out of This World in the US) skills. Get it today, play it to the point where every screen is embedded in your memory, then do a speed run for everyone while the barbecue heats up and dad smokes those sausages to lumps of charcoal. Another World is as infuriating as it is addictive. Once you’re in, it’s hard to stop. It threatened to vegetabalise my friends and I, but the feeling of elation and triumph that you get when you solve a puzzle is like nothing else. This game is cheap as chips this weekend, so you’ve got nothing to lose – except your pride, personal hygiene and sanity.

Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015: Do You Still Shower With Your Dad? is also on offer for this weekend only, but I really don’t recommend that if you’re having the family over. You’d be spending most of your time trying to explain to your gran why it’s funny, when you could be playing Goat Simulator. At least that one speaks for itself.

Have a great weekend, everyone!