Tom Clancy’s: The Division Update 1.2 Details & Conflict Trailer

Following up on April’s Expansion, Incursions, this month’s update brings Conflict to Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Available on all platforms (PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One), this expansion will bring harder bosses, new high powered weapons and new factions and you can find an overview of the changes below along with the trailer.

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Gear Sets:

  • “Hunter’s Faith” – Long range set.
  • “Lone Star” – Damage-per-second set.
  • “Final Measure” – Defensive set.
  • “Predator’s Mark” – Support set.

High-End Weapons:

  • “Hungry Hog” M60 Light Machine Gun
  • “Centurion” M1911 Pistol
  • “Medveo” AA-12 Shotgun
  • “Historian” M1A Marksman Rifle

Bug Fixes:

  • Talent fixes will be coming to several Talents that are either not working as intended, or bugged in a different manner. They include but are not limited to the following:
    • Sentry’s Call Gear Set Talent – “Stalker”
    • “One is None”
    • “Reckless”
    • “Brutal”
    • “Balanced”
  • Base of Operations wings not properly unlocking, forcing halted progression.
  • Mission doors not opening properly when a mission is started or restarted under certain circumstances (IE: Restarting from the map rather than going to the location first.).

Loot Changes:

  • Added Gear Score 201+ Bracket. This discourages griefing of lower Gear Score players.
  • Increased challenge and difficulty of Dark Zone 201 GS+ Bracket.
  • Added Level 32 and 34 enemies to the Dark Zone 201 GS+ Bracket.
  • Added chance of 204 and 240 Gear Score [Gear Set] items to the Dark Zone 201 GS+ Bracket.
  • Increased ‘Weapon’ drop chances.
  • Reduced ‘Gear Mod’ drop chances.
  • Increased drop rate of High End Division Tech in Dark Zone 201 GS+ Bracket.
  • Increased drop rate of proper Gear Score items in all Dark Zone brackets.
  • Increased drop rate of items in all activities. (Hard Mode, Challenge Mode, Incursion)
  • Increased drop rate of Gear Sets from Supply Drops.

Game Mechanics:

  • Added new ‘Incursion’ — “Clear Sky” — The ‘Rikers’ have taken over an abandoned anti-aircraft site left behind by the ‘Last Man Battalion’ and now have full control over Manhattan’s airspace, taking control of dropped supply crates.
  • Added ‘Search and Destroy’ Missions in PVE Zones — After clearing all Side Missions and Encounters from a named zone in the PVE area, these missions will lead you to an area where groups of enemies are located to gain intelligence for HVT Missions.
  • Added ‘High Value Target (HVT)’ Missions — After acquiring intelligence through completed ‘Search and Destroy’ missions, you will have access to new named enemy encounter contracts. Eliminate them for a possibility of loot and more. There are both Daily and Weekly contracts, some of which will require teamwork to complete.
  • Added “Dark Zone Sealed Caches” — Named enemies in the Dark Zone will now have a chance to drop Sealed Caches. These Caches can contain loot, Dark Zone credits, or Division Tech. However, it is a mystery until they are extracted.
  • Added Extraction Hijacking — Extractions can now be hijacked by cutting the rope tether. This will in turn cause the player or group of players to turn Rogue and all the loot on the tether to drop on the ground.