Is Sucker Punch Developing New Spider-Man Game for the PS4?

It would seem weird that just after the famous character appeared in the successful film Captain America: Civil War rumors stir up about a new spider-man game being developed by the team that created Infamous.


Amidst mockery of if he really is a super hero after being sidelined from the many Marvel cinematic experiences,  Spider-Man finally made his debut appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to help Captain America: Civil War become one of the best domestic openings so far. Despite what critics may say we do love the jolly web-swinger.

Now I know I may not have played a spider-man game since the first fully 3D Spider-Man game was released in 2000 on the original PlayStation, but I am also as curious as fans all over the world if a new game is being developed.

Whispers of Sucker Punch developing a new game came up last month but as reported by GameRant the fact that the boxart submitted as evidence was proven to be fake quickly stemmed the flow of speculation before it could really get started. Also there’s further proof that this rumored project might be legitimate. A reference to the game was spotted on the resume of seasoned stuntman Stephen Oyoung.

To make things more interesting, the document has now been made private. A document where he, Oyoung refers to his work as the lead stunt performer on the ‘still rumored spider-man PS4 project’.

So what are fans, and game enthusiasts suppose to think? Is Sucker Punch really developing this and will it be exclusive to PS4? Lets hear your views.

Source: GameRant