Live- Action Tetris Movie Takes Shape With $80 Million Funding

Tetris. A sci-fi thriller. Why even? How? WHAT? Is this pixels 2 in disguise?

A lot of people are holding their judgement as the filming of the live-action, sci-fi epic sets to begin in China in 2017. All doubts about the Lego Movie were cleared after its release and critics are being cautious about writing this new venture off.

One thing we do know is the project set to start filming in China should be able to sustain any unplanned budget cost as Threshold Entertainment have announced it has secured $80 million in funding. Threshold’s Larry Kasanoff is well known for video game adaptations, having worked on the halfway decent Mortal Kombat film back in 1995, which grossed $70 million and Asian media mogul Bruno Wu, who set up a $1.6 billion media fund late last year, will serve as co-producer on the film.

The producer also hinted that the film could even be the basis for a trilogy, adding that with a plot that’s “not at all what you think; it will be a cool surprise”.

But Tetris? Really? How can a movie be made from different shaped blocks falling from the sky? Pundits are suggesting an alien nature, the use of action characters and all in a bid to save the world. Is that the concept? I can only imagine. What are your thoughts?