Mystery Castle is coming to Xbox One

Mystery Castle will be coming to Xbox One on May 6th, 2016 and is developed by Runestone Games.

Mystery Castle is a puzzle adventure game where you explore and learn the history of this mysterious place as a student of a tribe of wizards, only you are able to collect the amulets that contain the shattered power of the king.

Learn spells to open doors, navigate the hazardous terrains of the castle whilst sliding over sheets of ice and avoiding rivers of flowing lava. Drink potions that shrink you to the size of a mouse or transform you into a powerful beast. Outwit the castle’s imps and trick them to help you in your quest, and – discover hidden treasure.

  • Challenging and fun. Varied game-play.
  • Great 3D perspective graphics, music and sound effects.
  • Over fifty rooms to explore.
  • Hidden treasures and player ranking. Extended and repeat game-play.
  • Interactive help system.
  • Game includes a complete story; the history of the castle unfolds as the game progresses.

Official Gameplay Trailer