Operation Supply Drop begins outfitting new Airmen Facility at Luke AFB

Operation Supply Drop (OSD) has changed the daily morale for men and woman of the Air Force Airmen facility on Luke AFB. For those who are deployed on active duty, away from their friends and family, something as simple as having access to the outlet that gaming provides is crucial for not only team and individual moral, but also for down the track when you are looking back upon your experiences.

You can read the story from OSD below and learn how all this came to be, and don’t forget, if you want to assist getting more of these supply drops out to those who need them you can donate today by visiting this link: DONATE

Operation Supply Drop has delivered hundreds of Supply Drops, but our growing relationship with the United States Air Force has catapulted us to a whole new level.

Imagine this request, directly from Luke AFB in Arizona:“Going to outfit a new Air Force Airmen facility on Luke AFB. This drop will support the entire base.”

Short, simple, and… Support the entire base?!  Yes, thousands of Airmen need morale boosting fun and games, and OSD is here to serve.
After a few phone calls, we got the lay of the land, understanding the size of this new facility.  We could not be more honored to provide our services to the Airmen of Luke AFB.  We did however need to approach with a slightly differing game plan as we aim to create everlasting relationships, which began execution just recently with thanks to volunteers from the chapter of The Teams in Phoenix.

In their words, “It was amazing! We were greeted at the gate by the marketing team for Luke AFB. Once escorted onto the base we went to their office located in the 56th Mission Support Group where there was a table set up in the hallway. One lonely Airman was there to also greet us as we waited for the rest of his colleagues (they were in the DFAC). After we organized the drop onto the table and made use of what space we had the Airman started to pile in. There were 10 people in total including 5-10 passer by’s admiring the items that were donated. Everyone was actually very pleased with the selection that was donated and to many of their amazement how fresh and new the titles were (i.e. not 10 year old games that were used).”

“Everyone wanted to know more on how they could assist OSD and if we wanted to hold future events on Luke (We are going to run a tourney when the Center opens and provide prizes to give out to the winners). Overall it was an amazing experience and we’d love to do more of these for the other 3 bases located across the state.”
What’s even more amazing is that this is only the beginning and we could not thank the OSD community enough for allowing the opportunity to support the airmen of Luke AFB.
See y’all again in the Summer for the Grand Opening!
OSD Group