Read our casual gamer’s buying guide


For those of us who do not devour games as though it is the apocalypse and survival depends on the high gamer score, there are a few things to consider before grabbing the game and run out of the store, yelling for virtual blood.

1. Play time

This is by far the most important thing to the casual gamer. How much of your life do you want to spend chasing down errant squires, killing the same furry creature over and over, or glaring down the scope of your gun deciding whether to kill the enemy or the teammate for a good laugh? For this one, try thinking about how long it will take to complete the game. If you don’t know, ask a friend who plays or the person behind the counter. If you only have a few hours here and there, try a game where the objects are simpler, like a first person shooter or a strategy game. With more time on your hands, go for a multiplayer universe or a complex story line.

2. Cost

Not many of us can buy every new and interesting game popping up on the market. For those of us who need to choose the wiser of the blue and red pills, cost takes a larger part of the choice. When making a choice, ask if there are hidden or future costs, like monthly access fees, in game purchases, or expansions. These can add up over time if the game becomes a keeper. On a budget, go for the game with the upfront cost and no back door fees.

3. Co-op

guys-playing-xboxSometimes, it is dangerous to go alone. Here, take a friend! The world of games can be challenging alone. If you want to end up yelling, either in joy or agony, at your screen with friends, frenemies, or random strangers, choose a game where teams can win the day. These are generally games with map choices and changing weapons to produce varied results. However, if you alone want to rescue the village from roaming dragons or hunt down virus producing labs, go for a game with a strong story for the single player. The more focus on the storyline, the higher the chance for a well developed single player mode.

4. Replay

This is the last question you want to ask yourself before buying: “Will I play this again?”. Granted, this depends on if you  will enjoy the game or not. However, look at this question in the light of long term value, rather than short term satisfaction. Ask yourself if the game can be picked up at any moment and played again when servers are down on my main MMO. If you leave this game for 3 months between plays, what are the chances you will pick this up again? Most of the time, you may not know the answer to this question. The more games you play and understand what you like, the more this question will begin to take shape for you.

These are only 4 small questions which can help you decide what world to explore. Only a guideline. Sometimes, go with your gut. It may lead you to new and interesting adventures.

What helps you make up your mind when deciding on what game to purchase? Leave a comment below